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Connects mental health support, smartwatch health tracking, and AI insights for personalized well-being


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Connecting Hearts, Healing Minds

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Become part of Lyfelineโ€™s dedicated network of mental health professionals committed to transforming lives through compassionate care. Benefit from flexible scheduling, a supportive community, and opportunities for professional growth. Together, we empower mental wellness and make a meaningful impact in mental health care.


Happy People, Happy Community

Our app fosters individual well-being for a happier, healthier community through mental health support and wellness initiatives. We are here to make mental health support radically more accessible, preventative, relatable, and stigma-free.

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Lyfeline Mobile App

ย Lyfeline’s mobile app fosters mental wellness, tracks health, and provides personalized support for a happier life in 200+ countries

Meet "Lyfie" ~ Your Personalized Health A.I. & Friend

Lyfeline for Offices

Boost workplace wellness with Lyfeline. Our platform offers mental health support, stress management tools, and wellness programs tailored for corporate environments. Happy employees, productive teams!

Lyfeline Smart Watch

Lyfeline’s smartwatch tracks mental health and vital signs like blood pressure and glucose levels, and it supports pregnant women with personalized health insights and notifications for holistic wellness management.

The Intellect Experience

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Lyfeline: Connecting Hearts, Healing Minds allows its users to register and login using their email and password.


As a provider you can view and edit your profile to meetup users standards and elevate your carrer, and earn money.

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Chat with any providers of your choice, book appointment, initiate a video consultation and get your prescription.

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As a service provider, the app has provide tools for you to track different request which include, total earnings



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Features for single users



Features for single users



Features for single users


What is Lyfeline?

Lyfeline is a platform dedicated to promoting mental wellness and holistic well-being within communities.

How does Lyfeline support mental health?

We connect individuals with licensed professionals for counseling and support, empowering happier lives.

Can Lyfeline help track physical health as well?

Yes, our smartwatch technology monitors vital signs and provides insights for better health management.

What is the role of AI in Lyfeline?

AI offers personalized recommendations and interventions, enhancing user experiences for overall well-being.

How can I get started with Lyfeline?

Simply sign up on our platform and explore the range of services tailored to your wellness needs.

Is my information secure on Lyfeline?

Yes, we prioritize data security and privacy, ensuring a safe and confidential experience for all users.

Can I connect with others in the Lyfeline community?

Absolutely! Join our community forums and engage with like-minded individuals for support and inspiration.

How does Lyfeline contribute to building a happy community?

By fostering individual well-being, Lyfeline contributes to a healthier, happier community through positivity and support.

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